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                Starwood Arabian & Pinto Horses

   Starwood stud registered its first horse breeding operation in 1972.   

Commencing with Arabian and Pinto horses a number of other breeds were utilised over the next five decades. 
   Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, Australian Stock Horses, Clydesdales, Percherons and Donkeys have all grazed the pastures at various times but the initial admiration for the colourful Pintos and beautiful Arabian Horses was always constant.
   In recent years serious health issues have forced us to downsize our horse breeding activities, so we have returned to our original passion of breeding beautiful coloured horses.
   Starwood Stud now breeds only a few mares each season with the resulting foals eagerly anticipated. Having specialised in the Overo and Sabino colours we have been delighted with our Pure Bred, Part Bred and Quarabs who display these and other spectacular coat patterns.


    Starwood Sadira

    Overo Quarab

    Sire: Starwood Karella Cisko

    Dam: Starwood Aurora

After a successful career under saddle Sadira has bred some gorgeous Overo foals.

    Starwood Marrakesh

     Chestnut Sabino Pure-bred Arabian

     Sire: Starwood Karella Cisko

     Dam: Manicia

One of our most successful horses under saddle and in led classes.

She is now leased to Arabec Pintos - Inverell NSW.

Starwood Tsunami

Bucksin Tobiano Part-bred Arabian

Sire: Starwood Karella Cisko

Dam: Starwood Dell

His budding show career was cut short by his premature death. 
During his short career he won a number of Junior Championships at halter.



   Manager - Trainer: Wendy Summerell  Owners: Wendy & Ross Summerell

   Tremayne Valley - Mundoolun Qld 4285 Australia.   Phone: 07 5543 0000 


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