Alpacas were introduced to Starwood in 1994 and soon became an important sector of  our farming enterprise. Their ease of management and low impact on the environment was of great benefit to the property after several seasons of drought conditions.

 The first alpacas were purchased in a  range of beautiful colours and now some 18 years later the scenic vision of these enchanting creatures and their offspring grazing the paddocks during the day is a delight. Later in the cool of the evenings you can be completely entranced by the kaleidoscope of colours as they pronk and frolic in the joy of life.

 Building on the base of the original sound purchases, continual gains have been made with each generation. The herd is regularly upgraded with the purchase of elite stud males who carry further genetic diversity.

 We believe that the knowledge of caring for these unique creatures should be imparted to all who seek it. We encourage new and potential owners to visit our farm and view our facilities, stock and management practices.

Each year we host a number of veterinary students from the Queensland University. As part of their work experience these students reside at Starwood for a week and participate in routine husbandry procedures. 





   Manager - Trainer: Wendy Summerell  Owners: Wendy & Ross Summerell

   Tremayne Valley - Mundoolun Qld 4285 Australia.   Phone: 07 5543 0000 


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